Terms and Conditions

Collecting Pots

Your pots need to be fully dry which is done naturally before they can be fired. Depending upon weather conditions this may take some time. Once we have sufficient pieces to fill the kiln, your work will be fired. Space in the kiln will be divided between everyone’s work, depending upon size and space. Please be aware that sometimes faults can happen during the firing process, which are out of our control, and may damage or affect your work.

All finished pottery must be collected within 6 weeks of us notifying you that your work is ready for collection, unless arranged otherwise. If your work has not been collected after 6 weeks, it will be disposed of. Any unfinished work which has not been fired and left at the studio for more than 6 weeks will be reclaimed by us and used as we see fit, unless arranged otherwise.

We will not fire any work that has been made at home or off of our premises.

Your Data

By contacting Greenfield Pottery, either through our website, email, telephone, Facebook or Instagram, you are agreeing to Greenfield Pottery contacting you regarding your enquiry. We will not use or share your information with any other party.

Business Hours

All business hours and prices are subject to change and are at the discretion of Greenfield Pottery.

Kiln Hire

We do not rent out kiln space or hire out our kilns.


There is ample parking at the studio, which is situated on a farm. Greenfield Pottery will not accept any responsibility for damage or accidents occurring in the parking area, and vehicles and contents left are at your own risk.